Athletics: Harlow runners rock Brighton

A NUMBER of Harlow runners took part in the very popular Brighton Marathon on Sunday. The group were joined by fellow runners from around the region. They often meet up on a Sunday morning from canal paths near Hertford to the cycle tracks of Harlow for a long run. They are testament to how working as a group, can really help you get ready for a marathon.

Brighton Marathon: 26.2 miles

Steve Mowles-Harpenden Arrows 3:56:57 PB
Tony Randfield – Ardley Runners 3:58:56 PB
Kelly Burgess Harlow Running Club 4:21:01
Holly Taylor – Ware Joggers 4:24:04
Richard Elven – 4:24:58 PB
Dawn Shaw – 4:32:22
Jacqui Cowan – 4:58:19
Samantha Sutton – Veteran Runners UK – 6:38:55 First Marathon
Hazel Thomas – 6:44:01
Graham Thomas – 6:44:02 First Marathon

10k Runners

Hollie Madewick 1:01:26
Garry Orton 1:01:40


Harlow Running Club member Andy Kitson completed the Boston Marathon in Lincolnshire finishing in 76th place out of 591 finishers in a superb PB time of 3hrs 16min 16sec.

Meanwhile at the Brighton Marathon Kelly Burgess finished in 4557th place out of 16,651 finishers in 4.21.01 and Terasa Holden was 9720th in 6.08.32.

At the Phoenix Groovy Baby event, in the 20 mile race, Laura Prime finished in 11th place out of 58 finishers in 2.58.33, Jane Evans was 12th in 3.36.26, Louise Peacock 13th in 3.37.12 and Wendy Schroder 14th in 3.40.59. In the Half Marathon race Paul Schroder finished in 19th place out of 58 finishers in 2.01.54.

At the Birmingham Half Marathon Steve Good finished in 11th place in 1.32.06.

At Harlow parkrun Martin Westley was first finisher out of 232 finishers in 18.02. He was followed home by Michael Woodruff 3rd in 20.08, Andy Terrell 4th in 20.31, Alan Broughton 6th in 20.52, Jason Haigh 8th in 21.22, Lee Webber 9th in 21.27, Jamie Jephcott 11th in 21.42, Marc Witham 12th in 21.46, Andy Smith 15th in 22.06(PB), John Bull 16th in 22.13, Allison Beeton 20th in 22.38, Mathew Austin 23rd in 22.52, Richard Fryer 28th in 23.21(PB), Daniel Worby 33rd in 23.56, Darren Rautenbach 35th in 24.05, Terri Wiley 39th in 24.26, Steve Warren 40th in 24.37, Chris McCarthy 42nd in 24.56, Michael Robey 43rd in 24.57, Steve Cowlin 45th in 25.00, Holly Davis 49th in 25.06, Tracy Stratford 51st in 25.10, Catherine Ridge 53rd in 25.23, Graham Saville 62nd in 26.02, Peter Ayling 65th in 26.08, Jim Bates 66th in 26.24, Roy Steven 78th in 27.53, Hannah Wenlock 81st in 28.01, Paul Cadogan 84th in 28.06, Kate Babb 89th in 28.19, Sandra Webber 92nd in 28.28, Paula Miles 102nd in 29.08(PB), Hossein Erfani 103rd in 29.09, Austin Nyamande 104th in 29.13, Francesca Tye 109th in 29.23, Alison Bull 115th in 29.33, Debra Monk 120th in 29.50(PB), Jason Pite 128th in 31.00, Pushpa Mistry 134th in 31.26, Jeff Mace 136th in 31.32, Teresa Warren 138th in 31.38(PB), Alison Walker 143rd in 32.10, Terry Ridge 151st in 32.52, Debbie Cooper 153rd in 32.59, Julie Bradley 154th in 33.00, Joanne Mills 159th in 33.42, Julie Bull 214th in 40.59, Sara Coombe 223rd in 49.26, Nicola Wix 229th in 51.30, Jennie Gould 230th in 51.33, Alan Wellbelove 231st in 51.55 and Andy Kinney 232nd in 52,02.

At Victoria Dock parkrun Danny McCree finished in 3rd place out of 108 finishers in 17.46(PB).

At the Gunpowder parkrun at Waltham Abbey Jon Waight finished in 11th place out of 190 finishers in 20.47.

At Great Dunmow parkrun Ben Usher finished in 28th place out of 160 finishers in 23.12.

At Great Yarmouth parkrun Spencer Brooks finished in 84th place out of 361 finishers in 25.31 and Sharon Brooks was 317th in 36.59.

At Bishop’s Stortford parkrun Justin Patten finished in 125th place out of 330 finishers in 25.33, Martin McColgan was 157th in 26.55 and Celia Haigh 265th in 31.17.

At Hatfield parkrun David Page finished in 90th place out of 300 finishers in 25.53 and Janice Page was 124th in 27.17.

At Bevendean Down parkrun in Brighton Kelly Burgess finished in 16th place out of 33 finishers in 28.46.

At Highwoods parkrun in Colchester Teresa Stickland finished in 78th place out of 138 finishers in 30.12 and Brenda Clayton was 95th in 32.54.

At Ware parkrun Bill Brunton finished in 44th place out of 76 finishers in 30.30 and Helen Brunton was 60th in 37.50.

At Newcastle Under Lyme parkrun Wendy Schroder finished in 217th place out of 254 finishers in 35.36 and Paul Schroder was 218th in 35.37.

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