Harlow parents urged to switch to reusable nappies

Lifestyle / Fri 19th Apr 2019 pm30 03:56pm

PARENTS in Harlow are receiving more and more support to save money and make the switch to reusable nappies, thanks to the work of local cloth nappy libraries.

To celebrate Real Nappy Week 2019, the Love Essex team at Essex County Council are highlighting the hard work of nappy libraries in supporting local parents to find out if cloth nappies are the right choice for them.

While single-use nappies are handy to use, using cloth nappies – even for some of the time – can help your baby and your budget.

Cloth nappy libraries work by offering a kit of nappies for parents to hire for a low price on a month by month basis, and supporting with any questions a mum or dad may have about using them on their baby or toddler.

For every year a baby is in nappies, they will need around 2,000 nappy changes, meaning you could be using over 5,000 nappies before potty training.

By switching to cloth nappies, parents could cut the number of single-use nappies used from birth to potty training to approximately 20 to 25 cloth nappies. This can lead to savings of up to £1000 per baby including the cost of electricity and water for washing the nappies.

Cllr Walsh Cabinet member for Environment and Waste said: “Many people do not realise that disposable nappies are made of plastic. As such, this is a fantastic initiative that not only helps parents to save money, but reduces the impact of plastic pollution on the wider environment, protecting it for future generations.”

Love Essex have a £30 cloth nappy refund offer which can be used to hire nappy library resources, or purchase cloth nappies. To find out more about this scheme, and how you can save money, and the environment visit loveessex.org/nappies

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2019-04-24 08:18:55

While it's great to look at alternatives, the costs produced in this article are a little misleading. In an absolute perfect environment of efficient washing and buying in bulk to save, yes you can save money. The problem is, if you're looking to save costs, you can't usually have a huge initial investment to save money. Also, during winter months, if you use a tumble dryer or put these near a radiator to dry you are wasting more energy, so the cost benefit actually rules itself out or in some ways can cost more. So in short, it's great to have the choice and alternatives and that's anyone's personal decision. But this article has gone a bit overboard on the cost savings in a normal environment, so base it on facts please.

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