Typically Tina: Does Harlow love you, my oh my!

Review of Typically Tina.
Harlow Playhouse

WANT to know a secret? Karin Bello is not Tina Turner. Karin makes the confession towards the end of two hours of adrenaline-fuelled brilliance in which she inhabits the whole world of Anne Marie Bullock aka Tina Turner.

Tina Turner is one of those tributes that is very difficult to do, Why? Because of the energy levels. Luckily, the Harlow audience was treated to a woman who lived every number. Not only did she inhabit the role, she inhabited the whole audience. Just take her performance of Private Dancer. There was a male audience member in the front row but also one at the back who got what it said on the record label!

Whether it was the sixties music such as River Deep, right up the the late eighties, early nineties each number was performed to the max. Karin was helped by such a tight band that made this such a great concert on its own. There was also a mini-acoustic period in the middle that was also really enjoyable.

Tina Turner wore a lot of costumes so naturally, so did Karin. Infact we lost count but it all added up to the colour.

There was the rock of Addicted to Love, there was the soul of I Don’t Want to Lose You” and of course the anthemic Simply The Best.

This was the theatre of music and the music of theatre. It was also an artist that had a natural connection with the audience but never forgets that they are there to entertain and works every second of the performance to ensure everyone goes home on a mountain high.

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