Review: Be More Chill at Harlow College

Be More Chill
Harlow College Level 4 Professional Diploma Students
Glass Box Theatre June 6th.

BE More Chill is a recent Broadway smash that feels like a lot of other musicals put together bu this a definite feel of its own. It centres around High School Geel Jeremy and his decision to take a “popularity pill” and all that ensues after that.

This feels like an easy musical to do but a difficult musical to do well. Fortunately the Harlow College student pull it off in a wonderfully entertaining two hours at the Glass Box Theatre.

This was definitely an ensemble piece where the whole eleven members of the cast pulled together seamlessly. The whole cast pulled you into their world, making it totally believable.

A number of important things: the acting was excellent, the singing impeccable and they made this reviewer laugh.

Credit must go to Will Ireton who played the main protagonist, Jeremy. On stage, the whole time, he was faultless and was very much the glue that kept the production together.

This reviewer often looks for those actors who have something and on this occasion, it was Ellis Barwick. He was a wonderful Squip. He had an intensity about him that made you want to see him in other roles.

Each actor inhabited their roles, whether it was Uber-geek Ciaran Cross as Michael, Johnny Martin as Jake or Callum Banks as Mr Heere/Mr Reyes. They all combined comedy and character.

There were also a number of cracking singers out there. Not easy when you are moving around so much. Chloe Reid was Christine was not only a bundle of energy but a very good singer. Even in a small-ish role, Laura Tavares proved to be a fine singer. There was also Kayley Prosser who again had an ensemble role but was faultless in everything she did.

This was a tight production with great use of the space. Well lit and good sound. Oh and some very good costumes, from bananas to pyjamas.

At the end, the students spoke very fondly of their tutors and no wonder. If the production is anything to go by, we recommend the Harlow College Level 4 Professional Diploma Course.

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