Review: Why we loved “A Hundred Different Words For Love”

Entertainment / Mon 10th Jun 2019 am30 08:54am

Harlow Playhouse
A Hundred Different Words For Love by James Rowland

THIS is the second time this reviewer has seen James Rowland. Last year we saw (and loved) Team Viking. On this occasion, the story was different bu tin some ways the rhythm was the same and what a splendid rhythm that is.

In many ways, you want James to comeback every year and tell a story. We just enjoyed it, in a sort of mash up between Notting Hill and Lake Woebegon Days.

The reason James’ monologues are so entertaining is because of James. A mixture between James Corden and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he is such a likeable fellow and as his story unfurls, it becomes even more evident.

You are welcomed into his world and narrative. The other characters aren’t that well drawn but somehow you do the imagining and paint your own pictures.

Then again, a man in red dress who later pours a bottle of water over himself left little to the imagination.

His performance is also punctuated by small music vignettes that help develop the narrative perfectly.

We are delighted to hear that he is planning to do all four of his shows at the Edinburgh Festival this August. We do recommend you check him out if you are there.

Meanwhile, we do hope he returns to Harlow Playhouse. There are not enough storytellers like James nd so we should treasure them.

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