Pay Homage at Parndon Mill Gallery

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WHENEVER we make a painting or drawing we are inevitably engaged, one way or another with the history of art. The art of the past educates and inspires, it resonates from generation to generation and is a constant resource for artists and designers.

The work in this exhibition has been produced in the past twelve months or so by artists/students attending painting and drawing classes in the Project Space at Parndon Mill.

The ‘homage’ theme has been an informal, ongoing project where students have been encouraged to explore the work of particular artists and through the manipulation of colour, tone, scale and composition to produce a ‘new’ work.

Life drawing, which can often seem to exist in a self contained world is of course subject to the same forces and influences outlined above.

Roger Jeffs said: “Occasionally I will work with the model to reproduce recognisable poses from familiar paintings and sculptures. The life drawings in the exhibition are a response to this process.

I think this conscious and thoughtful encounter with the work of others has produced skilful and intriguing results. I am impressed with the work in the exhibition and am pleased to have helped these talented individuals to develop and extend their technical skills and ideas about the possibilities of drawing and painting.

“If you would like more information about my Wednesday painting and Tuesday life drawing classes please visit the Parndon Mill website or contact at [email protected] or on 07969881636”.

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