SFG College kickstart their commitment to the community

A LITTER pick kickstarted a brand-new school’s commitment to the community.

Sir Frederick Gibberd College opened in Harlow just last month and has already set to work building a reputation for being caring and considerate.

Each half term, the school is committing to a community involvement project, starting this month with a litter pick.

A team of 37 students, parents, staff and their families collected nine bags of rubbish and three bags of recycling from Harlow Town Park.

Headteacher Dee Conlon said: “We want to get our children involved in their community and to instil good habits in them which they will continue when they become adults. We want them to always look to contribute and to do what they can for those less fortunate than themselves.”

A team of three students attended the Harlow Voluntary Sector Forum Meeting to outline their mission to play an active role in the community.
Mrs Conlon said: “We went along to the meeting to introduce our school and to show we are interested in getting involved in community work with them.

“When we have a sixth form in September 2021, it will be a condition of joining us that students take part every week in voluntary or charity work. Every child will do something for their community, no matter how big or small.

“I think it is important that children grow up with empathy, develop an understanding of the world around them and realise that not everyone is fortunate enough to have what they have.

“Our community has done so much for us, so it is our duty to give back when we can in any way.”

Sharon Summerfield, Discover Harlow brand manager, said: “I was so impressed by how the students conducted themselves, how they spoke about what they wanted to achieve and their experiences, all of which was incredibly brave of them. They really are an inspiration!”

Year 7 student Spencer Stapleton said: “I want to get involved in any way I can. I just want to help; I enjoy helping. I am encouraging my friends to get involved, too.”
Next half term, the school will be collecting for Harlow Foodbank.

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