Sir Frederick Gibberd College students apply for jobs

Workers are looking younger these days.

ELEVEN and 12-year-old students at Sir Frederick Gibberd College, in Harlow, are applying to take on jobs at their brand-new school.

The Year 7 students have already taken on roles on the school council, writing their own manifestos and speaking in front of their peers to earn votes.

Eight students have been appointed to represent their classmates on the school council after being successful during the application and interview process.

Now, job advertisements have been put together to give them further opportunities to take responsibility around the school.

Roles include librarian, eco society member, Stonewall champions and playground monitors.

Headteacher Dee Conlon said: “The idea is for students to experience the process of applying for a role and being shortlisted for an interview; just like we do in the real world. It will all help to give them experience ahead of Year 11 when they will have to go through a similar process when applying for sixth form and jobs. This way, they will know what is to come.

“Everything we do at Sir Frederick Gibberd has an educational purpose behind it. We are taking every opportunity to teach our students a skill and to instil good habits. They will be contributing to their school and giving back to their immediate community by taking on these roles. It will give them responsibility and involve them in their school, so they take ownership and feel part of this family. It is similar to how you would give children chores at home.”

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