Please sponsor kind-hearted Robin as he undertakes his first marathon

HARLOW resident Robin Lozeau does a hell of a lot for the running community in our town.

He was one of the founders of the Harlow parkrun and is one of Harlow Running Clubs most enthusiastic of members.

He is about to undertake the Valencia Marathon and we would like to encourage you to sponsor Robin.

Robin said: “As a lot of you may already know, I am undertaking running my first ever marathon on December 1, 2019. I never planned on doing any marathon when I started jogging around my neighbourhood block 10 years ago, but after 4 years, the appeal of doing the London one and all that goes with it, has drawn me in. Of course, for me, if I am to do one, I wanted it to be the one in the city I was born, but after 5 ballot attempts (& probably another for 2020!) & not getting pulled out of the hat, I have decided that it can’t wait any longer if I am to get on it & do one!!

I have told whoever will listen over the years, that when it comes to running & courses, my two hates are hills & heat. They just don’t agree with me!! So with that in mind, when I saw a fellow (unknown) runner walking around with a “Valencia Marathon” shirt, I asked him what it was like (as wifey Ursula’s father, was born & raised there). He told me it was very flat, takes place in December so not really hot, & thoroughly recommended it to me!!

So here I am, on the training trail putting in the miles so I can get through the 26.2 marathon miles. Many of my running club buddies have been giving me advice & hints since taking the plunge & starting the 16-week training plan I chose to follow. This has been very welcome & taken on board.

Relatives, friends, acquaintances have been asking if I have a charity donation form or a “Just Giving Page” that they can donate on, so this is why we are here.

When it came to selecting a charity to raise funds for, there was one which entered my thoughts right away. A Harlow Running Club member who joined the club at the same time as myself, has recently been having treatment for a brain tumour. Spencer Brooks with the support of his wife Sharon, young sons Charlie and Sonny, other family members, running buddies and close friends, has been continuing to do the one thing he likes to do, running. This while continuing to have treatments. So with the blessing of Spencer and Sharon, I will be raising much needed funds for The Brain Tumour Charity. Please have a little read of the information below that I have gleaned from their website and with your support, we will help them with their aims & their support of brain tumour sufferers.

If you are going to donate, please consider confirming whether you are a UK taxpayer or not. That way Gift Aid can be reclaimed on donations made by individuals who pay UK income or capital gains tax which amounts to 25% on top of your donation. It’s a win situation for the charity.

Thank-you in advance.

All the best, Robin Lozeau.

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