Review: Livewire Theatre: How Do We Start Again?

IF you want see modern youth theatre embracing a whole host of multi media platforms as well as using dance, music and acting as part of their performance then look no further than Livewire Youth Theatre.

Tuesday night’s performance of How Do We Start Again at the Harlow Playhouse was testament to Sam Ashford and the teams vision and drive as well as commitment to youth theatre.

It started with a very striking opening using music and dance. The band were a tight unit throughout from thumping bass to terrific drumming while the choreographed pieces using nearly all the cast was outstanding.

After the the story of a future dystopian society where outsiders struggled for survival managed to keep the audience gripped.

There was a lot of actors and whether it was drama or comedy they acted with flair and style.

The music was outstanding, especially as it was all original music. There was also a number of outstanding singers.

The use of video was clever and produced some top comedy moments.

It was clear that a lot of hard work went into this production and yet it was seamless throughout.

Over the past couple of weeks, HipHopPop, Makin’ Steps and now Livewire have also shown that the performing arts are alive and well in Harlow.

What is more it is bold, experimental as well as looking like a lot of fun.

Well done to all involved.

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