Raytheon’s Quadcopter Challenge takes off in Harlow

Raytheon’s Quadcopter Challenge takes off in Harlow

PUPILS from local schools joined Raytheon for the fifth annual Quadcopter Challenge regional final, under the theme of ‘Technology around the World’. Teams from The John Warner School, Ramsey Academy, Harwich and Dovercourt High School, Hitchen Boys School, William De Ferrers School, The Thomas Lord Audley School and St Helena School all participated in the final.

Over 80 teams of pupils and cadets participated in the UK-wide challenge, which teaches pupils how to build a fully-functioning, four-bladed, multi-rotor, remotely piloted air system — commonly known as a quadcopter. Pupils then compete in a series of challenging flying tasks that test skills including accuracy, innovation and agility. Each region across the UK was assigned a different country around which to theme their quadcopters and team members gave a 10-minute presentation to explain their design process and how they managed their project.

Each region across the UK was assigned a different country around which to theme their quadcopters. The teams from Waddington were tasked with technology from Japan, and teams were also assessed on the creativity of their designs.

Raytheon STEM ambassadors mentored the teams throughout the competition, visiting schools, hosting workshops and guiding pupils on how to improve the aerodynamics and control of the quadcopters.

Following a close fought contest, a team from St Helena School was crowned winner and Ramsey Academy took silver. St Helena School will compete in the grand final at RAF Cosford Museum in November.

William James, Teacher at St Helena School added:

“The experience has been absolutely amazing. The students have learnt so many new things. This has brought STEM to a new level and the Quadcopter Challenge has been one of the best STEM events we have been involved with.”

Raytheon’s Harlow STEM lead, Laura Nicolas added:

“Congratulations to St Helena School, and to all who took part. Like many other STEM ambassadors, I got involved to inspire the next generation of engineers, scientists, mathematicians and teachers. It’s fantastic how this competition has grown from a pilot in Essex to a national competition with more than 400 students taking part each year. Events like this are so important to encourage young people to take part and learn new skills, and to have the opportunity ask questions about future careers and jobs within the STEM field.”

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  1. Dave Whitney   November 9, 2019 at 1:49 am

    If these school students lived in Yemen, they may well have had a rather more unhappy experience of Raytheon, as the Saudi Air Force dropped that company’s Paveway IV bombs on them. It is shameful that bombs made in Harlow are falling on unarmed civilians in Yemen, contributing to what is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. Those who wish British foreign policy to cease supporting unjust wars and tyrannical regimes should vote Labour on 12 December.

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