Shelter report reveals that nearly 300 children in Harlow are homeless

News / Wed 4th Dec 2019 am31 09:17am

A REPORT released by the charity Shelter shows that nearly 8500 children in East Anglia are homeless, more than double the figure from five years ago.

Shelter says 167 children in the east live in temporary accommodation, and that emergency housing is often miles from loved ones and school. They say this often leaves families in one room with little space to cook or eat.

This is the first time the charity has been able to uncover the rate at which children are made homeless, as opposed to more general figures. The report, released on Tuesday 3rd December, reveals that 15 children in the East of England are losing their homes each day.

In Chelmsford there are 360 homeless children, and in Colchester there are 250. Luton ranked worst in the region with 2,700 children without a home, while Peterborough has 422 and Harlow 295.

There are 22, 206 children living in Harlow. That means 1 in 75 children are homeless.

The “Generation Homeless” report says that child homelessness is at its highest rate since 2006 and at least 135,000 children in the UK will be living in temporary accommodation on Christmas Day.

YH will be speaking to a number of agencies on what can be done regarding these figures.


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2 Comments for Shelter report reveals that nearly 300 children in Harlow are homeless:

tony edwards
2019-12-04 13:55:12

Just to be clear these figures are for "The Number of children that are homeless and living in Temporary Accommodation as at March 2019" when the data was collected. What is so concerning is that nationally the figure has gone from approx 79,000 in 2012 up to 134,000 in 2019. This rise is a direct result of austerity and government housing policy and is a major indictment of us a society. What sort of society have we allowed to be created - where such conditions for the countries most vulnerable citizens are allowed to exist?

2019-12-05 22:07:00

But Tory chancellor and former derivatives speculator Sajid Javid says that homelessness is in decline! And has been called out for brazen lying. Consider both the impact of their policies and the moral standing of their leaders before voting Tory.

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