Labour bible New Statesman, whose editor is from Harlow. labels Jeremy Corbyn “unfit to be prime minister”

THE NEW STATESMAN magazine has told its readers that it cannot back Labour for the General Election of 2019.

The left-leaning magazine has always come out and supported Labour. It backed Ed Miliband in 2015 and Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.

But it appears that due to Mr Corbyn’s leadership on issues such as antisemitism, the highboy influential magazine has withdrawn its support for Labour.

The editor of the New Statesman Jason Cowley has deep roots with Harlow.

He was brought up here and went to Latton Bush Comprehensive. He recently appeared at a book reading event at the Harlow Playhouse and follows events in his home town closely.

Mr Cowley gave a great deal of coverage to the closer of Osler House as his family had lived in Prentice Place in the sixties. His aunt, Connie Scott still lived in Potter Street and appeared on national television as she expressed her disquiet over the closure.

With Harlow Labour’s candidate Laura McAlpine being so closely allied to Jeremy Corbyn and also embroiled in controversy over antisemitism,, she may well disappointed not to get the esteemed magazine’s backing.

The key part of the editor states:

“….the essential judgement that must be made is on Mr Corbyn himself. His reluctance to apologise for the anti-Semitism in Labour and to take a stance on Brexit, the biggest issue facing the country, make him unfit to be prime minister.

In response to anti-Semitism, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a body established by the last Labour government, has launched a formal investigation of a political party for only the second time in its history (the first being the fascist British National Party). The chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, and the Jewish Chronicle have issued unprecedented warnings about Mr Corbyn to the electorate. The Jewish Labour Movement, for the first time in its history, has refused to endorse the party and will only campaign for “exceptional candidates”.

We have no reason to quarrel with their judgement. As Anthony Julius, a senior lawyer and academic, wrote to the historian Richard Evans in an open letter on the New Statesman: “A party that cannot be trusted in relation to Jews cannot be trusted at all.” (Professor Evans subsequently retracted his support for Labour.)”.

The New Statesman has been keen to stress that it is not supporting any party.

The full leader column can be found here.

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4 Responses to "Labour bible New Statesman, whose editor is from Harlow. labels Jeremy Corbyn “unfit to be prime minister”"

  1. MickyB77   December 5, 2019 at 7:11 am

    These comments from the N S editor, only corroborate what most of us have known for years. Corbyn isn’t fit for purpose. Just goes to show that he is an absolute danger to the well being of us all.

  2. Towpath_Rat   December 5, 2019 at 9:02 am

    Bit of fact checking needed here rather than just reprinting press releases. You are supposed to be journalists aren’t you?

    NS is far from a Labour ‘bible’. It ditched it’s leftist history and credentials, threw its weight behind Blair, sacked anyone who didn’t toe the line and stopped recognising unions on its own workforce. Far from this being a sudden shift in position, it has been hostile to Labour under Miliband and Corbyn.

    It’s a political irrelevance full of vain political puff-pieces and it is *so dull*. A limp replication of the Spectator for tutting centrists.

  3. Gary   December 5, 2019 at 10:09 am

    Well done Your Harlow. I now know bias is alive and still kicking in political journalism. Nothing so far on Johnson in these pages apart from [fill in the rest because I can’t find it].

    How Unfit is Corbyn for high office? Well if you believe the BS produced and the daily lies then possibly, but really is Halfon so desperate he needs this organ to support him? I suspect so, sadly!

    But of course Corbyn is honest, intelligent, compassionate with values based around fundamental integrity. The establishment must be really fearing real change in this country under his leadership.

    Johnson is a mendacious misogynist and racist with no values apart from branding working class men as being drunk, criminal, feckless and hopeless. And claims that the kids of lone mothers are ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive and illegitimate. In short Johnson believes that if he repeats his fiction it will become fact. And you want this man to become your PM?

    People of this town and in this country you have a week to stop it happening. If not, then live with another five years of austerity.

  4. tony edwards   December 5, 2019 at 1:51 pm

    The New Statesman article is arguably equally excoriating about Boris Johnson, although you wouldn’t know it from the YH Report and is one which effectively takes the position of “a plague on all your houses”.
    And whilst this is intellectually defendable as a debating position it does not address the fact that in the real world the electorate next week will have to make a choice between a Tory led Government with it’s record of underfunding schools, underfunding the NHS, cuts to benefits, cuts to the police,closure of both the Harlow magistrate and County Courts, and a Labour Party which whilst not perfect is nevertheless offering a viable alternative to austerity and hope for the future.
    Unfortunately the electorate do not have the luxury of being able to sit on an intellectual fence but have to make a choice. So I urge readers to read the manifestos, speak to the candidates and as far as one can make an informed choice. Remember we will have to live with the outcome of this election and the choice is a real one.

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