GE19: Lib Dem candidate thanks the voters of Harlow

General Election 2019 / Sun 15th Dec 2019 at 06:46am

CHARLOTTE Cane and the Liberal Democrat team more than doubled the Liberal Democrat vote since the last general election.

Ms Cane said: “I enjoyed talking with people in Harlow, who were welcoming and willing to discuss issues with me, even when we didn’t agree. I congratulate Robert Halfon MP on his victory, but recognise the huge challenge he has ahead of him to deliver on his party’s promises to Harlow. Harlow urgently needs more Council housing and more affordable housing; improved NHS services from GPs through to hospital care; and full funding for local schools and colleges. I will continue to work with my local Liberal Democrat colleagues to hold Mr Halfon MP and his Conservative colleagues to account.

I would like to thank the 2,397 people who voted for me on 12 December and ask them to join our Liberal Democrat team. For every person who told me they were voting for me, at least 2 others said they would like to vote for me, but would be voting tactically instead. To those people I say, please join with me now to strengthen the Liberal Democrats in Harlow. With your help we can continue to grow so that at the next election you can vote for your convictions rather than for the least bad option. Together we can build a Brighter Future for Harlow.”

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