MP Robert Halfon welcomes “Workers’ Queen’s Speech” for Harlow

News / Thu 19th Dec 2019 pm31 05:21pm

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, welcomed the Queen’s speech, as Her Majesty set out the Government’s ambitious domestic agenda. The new Government will focus on their core priorities of getting Brexit done, investing in the NHS, tackling violent crime, championing education and cutting the cost of living.

In supporting the speech, Mr Halfon has a number of key issues.

Getting Brexit Done

Harlow residents voted 68% to leave the European Union. As promised, the Government is delivering on the democratic result and its first first priority is to deliver Brexit on 31st January. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, will end freedom of movement and introduce fairer immigration that is fair to the taxpayer, based on an Australian-style points system. He will also negotiate an ambitious free trade agreement with the EU that benefits the whole country.

Protecting Our NHS

At the heart of the Queen’s Speech is the first ever commitment to enshrine in law a multi-year NHS funding settlement, with an extra £33.9 billion per year – the largest cash injection in the history of the NHS.

This includes funding for a brand new hospital for Harlow and the villages, more nurses, more doctors and more GP appointments.

Cutting the Cost of Living

Increases to the National Living Wage and cutting National Insurance tax, will ensure Harlow residents earn more and keep more of their hard-earned pay packets. The Government are strengthening workers’ rights, supporting flexible-working, extending unpaid carers’ entitlement to leave and ensure workers keep their hard-earned tips.

Championing Education

The Government affirmed its commitment to level-up funding for our schools in Harlow and ensure that every child has a high-quality education. Every secondary school pupil will receive a minimum of £5,000 next year, with £4,000 per pupil by 2021-22.

Building an Even Better Harlow

More of Harlow’s young families will be able to get onto the housing ladder, as part of the Government’s plans to build more Harlow homes for Harlow people and discounting homes for local first-time buyers. This comes on top of stronger powers for tenants, to give renters the security they deserve.

Cuts to business rates show, once again, that the Conservative Government is on the side of small- and medium-sized businesses, to protect our high streets and communities from excessive tax hikes.

Reflecting on the speech, Robert Halfon MP said: “This Queen’s speech made clear that the Government is focussed on delivering on the things that matter most to Harlow residents.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do – there’s not a moment to lose. And rightly so because there’s no such thing as a honeymoon in politics.

“During the election, I said that I would get Brexit done and this Queen’s Speech does that. I said that I would: protect our NHS, cut the cost of living, champion education and build an even better Harlow – this Queen’s speech does that.

“I will continue to work hard for Harlow and the villages and I wish everyone a very happy Christmas.”

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1 Comment for MP Robert Halfon welcomes “Workers’ Queen’s Speech” for Harlow:

2019-12-20 17:06:19

“Workers’ Queen’s Speech” Surely this should be "Screw National Living Wage Workers Queen Speech". Chancellor Sajid Javid unveiled in October Tory plans to raise the current National Living Wage rate of £8.21 an hour to £10.50 an hour within five years. But now it's “provided economic conditions allow”. Given The Clown's distant relationship with the truth, will the "economic conditions" (by what measure?) ever allow it to happen? Good news! The Clown has prevented two people having to collect Universial Credit. Poor, destitute, unemployed Zac Goldsmith and Nicky Morgan have been given jobs in the new government. Absolutely not 'Jobs for mates' at all. At least the tax payer won't be paying them any working age benifits now.

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