Letter to the Editor: Harlow Alliance Party role in saving our town’s green spaces

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Letter to the Editor

Merry Christmas and a HAPpy New year


THE announcement by the Government appointed Inspector on Thursday that Harlow Distrct Council (HDC) will need to make changes to it’s Local Plan have been welcomed by The Harlow Alliance Party (HAP) as well as hundreds of residents living in homes that have effectively been blighted by the proposals to build on fields near them.

Andrew Johnson and The Conservative Party now have the cheek on social media to claim responsibilty for these changes, when in fact they never made any representation to the Inspector and never made any attempt to consult with residents on the subject of the Local plan. Objecting to the Plans at council meetings had no influence at all with the Inspector.

Readers may recall that the Labour Party’s Harlow Local Plan put forward 21 sites on which it proposed to allow homes to be built in the next 10 years or so.

HAP held five public meetings early in 2019 to see what residents thought of these plans and as a result they were the only Party to object to them, noting that little if any consultation with residents had taken place by Harlow Council. Many of these sites are green field sites and HAP made it’s objections about eight of these sites known to the Inspector. By objecting, HAP were able to participate at the five day examination of the Plan (the Conservative Party did not make any formal objection thus could not participate in the Examination).

Of the eight sites, the Inspector has said that six sites should be removed from the Local Plan, with a seventh, adjacent to Maples being deleted as well,

Despite not winning any seats at last May’s Local Elections, what HAP have been able to achieve in getting these sites removed just shows what can be done when a political Party, not wedded to Westminster, engages with residents.

Take a look at our website www.harlowallianceparty.org for more information on the Local Plan and of the Party.

Nicholas Taylor
Leader of the Harlow Alliance Party

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2019-12-21 13:50:47

Congratulations to HAP for making a difference, keep it up. Conservative councillors hang your heads in collective shame.. cheap and shabby behaviour...Perhaps a New Years resolution to be more honest for 2020?

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