Bin collection crisis deepens as hundreds more residents don’t have their waste collected

News / Tue 7th Jan 2020 am31 10:21am

HARLOW Council has once again apologised as hundreds of residents have not had their bins collected.

They have published a long list of streets that were not collected on Monday January 6th.

When they failed to collect waste from a number of streets on Saturday, a Harlow Council spokesperson said : “There’s been disruption to collections since after Christmas due to an increase in parked cars, extra traffic to and from tipping points and extra waste to collect” but many have questioned that position pointing to similar areas with similar challenges that have not had any problems or few problems at all.

Conservative councillors believe that there is more to this than blocked streets and busy roads and believe that this may be some form of “industrial action” being played out where the public are the pawns.

We have contacted the councillor responsible for environment and await his response.

Bin collections

We are sorry but there has been some disruption to our collections today. The following areas are now scheduled for collection on Tuesday 7 January


Barnsley Wood Rise, Bittern Lane, Black Cap Drive, Bullfinch Road, Bunting Street, Crossbill Way, Dealings Road, Goldcrest Way, Greenfinch Way, Kinglet Lane, London road, Magpie Road, Meadow Lane, Nuthatch Drive, Redwing Way, Robin Lane, Siskin Drive, Skylark Place, Slight Mead Lane, Sparrowhawk Way, Starling Road, Woodpecker Lane, Malkin Drive, Chelsea Drive, Davenport, Heathcote Gardens, Ridgeways, Wedgwood Drive, Denby Grange


Coalport Close

Communal Non-Recycling

Canopy Lane, Honor Street, Skylark Way, The Chase, Holland Way, Headland Street, Goldcrest Way, Braggowens Ley, Crossbill Way, Milestone Road, Langdale Street, Allis Mews, Great Auger street, Alexandra Road, Soper Square, Flint Lane, Pitchway, New Pond Street, Maypole Street
Christmas trees

Whieldon Grange, Simplicity Lane, Sparrow Hawk Lane, Malkin Drive, Mayole Street, The Gardiners, Barnsley Wood Rise, Ridgeways, Albertine Street, Westbury Rise, Denby Grange, Challinor , Bentley Drive, Bullfinch Road, Coalport Close, Harrow Bond street, Ashworth Place, Sheldon Close, Davenport, Siskin Drive, Pilkingtons, High Chase

If your collection has been missed you can report this using the missed waste and recycling form up to two working days after the scheduled date or use our contact us form, including your address so we can look into this.


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2 Comments for Bin collection crisis deepens as hundreds more residents don’t have their waste collected:

2020-01-07 11:43:04

Crisis? Crisis? With everything else happening in the world does the bins being collected a day late really constitute a crisis? Come on, it's an inconvenience at most. Yep, it's annoying but they'll be collected tomorrow. Also what the hell are the Conservatives on about? What evidence is there to make such claims? Especially when they are part of the council too, should you not know exactly what's going on and this is part of your duty to fix also rather than just blame someone else. If there is a bigger issue, get round the table and fix it, don't go to the media making a massive issue out of something that really isn't all that. You have to work together and you are part of the council too

2020-01-07 12:02:31

jhumphrey84 could not have put it better if I had tried. Cllr Charles is effectively "The Council", even though in the minority Party. To be slagging off the Council (which really means the staff) and the contractor in public like this is no way that an employer should be acting. Through the proper channels he should be speaking to those involved, both managers and those actually collecting the bins to find out what the problems are and helping to find ways to overcome them. Me thinks an election is on the way and any chance of a photo shoot will be taken by Councillors of both Parties (plant a tree, fell a tree and pick up litter come to mind).

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