Hundreds more bin collections missed in Harlow

News / Tue 7th Jan 2020 pm31 08:01pm

ANOTHER day has passed with hundreds of bin collections missed in Harlow.

The following collections were missed on Tuesday January 7th.

The following areas are now scheduled for collection on Wednesday 8 January

Bin collections


Tanys Dell, Glebelands, Great Plum Tree, Dove House Croft, The Chantry, Stackfield, Broom Field, Fesants Croft, Orchard Croft, Church fields, Pennymead, Quarry springs, Tunnmeade, Vicarage Wood, Blackbush Springs, Parsonage Leys, Whitewaits, Arkwrights, Mark Hall Moors

Green waste

Plumtree Drive, Hazel Lane, Medlar Lane, Wattle Road, Blackthorne Drive, Chalk Lane, Churchgate Street, Elmbridge, High Street, Hobbscross Road, Manor Road, Mayfield Close, Mill Lane, Millhurst Mews, Mulberry Green, Old Road, Park Hill, Sheering Road, Staffords, The Hoo, The Oxleys, Watlington Road, Wheatfields, Windmill Fields, High House Estate, Stackfield, Wheatsheaf, Riverside Court, Marigold Place, Harefield, Whitewaits, Tanys Dell, Seeley’s, Birchwalk, Millgates, High House Estate, The Hoo, Church Mill, Fesants Croft, Lavender Close, Elmbridge, Freshwaters

For more details, go to https://selfserve.harlow.gov.uk/en

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1 Comment for Hundreds more bin collections missed in Harlow:

2020-01-08 05:40:14

No problems around Churchgate Street area, only one day behind. What really surprised me was the refuse collection vehicle causing an enormous jam in Churchgate Street back to the Sheering Road, and in order to allow traffic to come through, the driver proceeded to bump up the curb and park on the brand new, two weeks old tarmac. Not very professional, as the two people walking their dogs along said pavement were not amused having to dodge around a 16 tonne lump of vehicle.

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