Review: MHP Theatre Company: New Year, New Talent…Great Future

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Review: MHP Theatre Company: New Year, New Talent

WE are blessed in Harlow with different theatre groups all doing different things in different ways.

MHP Theatre is no different and they have started 2020 by trying a review style show with a number of different acts performing.

The bulk of the performances were by Three Menopausal Maids and by CJ Hooper.

Three Menopausal Maids have only been performing for a couple of years and have already had a hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The three ladies have great chemistry and great laughs. The idea of taking a number of figures and putting them in their “menopausal” stage is novel and funny.

Their characters are quote ribald, i.e they swear quite a lot and so it is a mixture between Victoria Wood and Jenny Eclair.

Carol Parradine also performed a solo piece as a travel rep in Majorca. This reviewer would have described it as quite dated until we saw a Majorca programme on Channel 5 last week and have concluded that Carol’s character is as contemporary as ever.

Special mention must be made of the final trio of Ladies who lunch talking street. The best compliment was made by a young lady from the audience who came up the “Maids” after wards and said: “That was brilliant. I can tell you I hear that on the school bus every day”.

Also on the bill was CJ Hooper. CJ is another regular in the Essex/Herts area. He strolls on and at first you think he is a bit rambling but he charms you and underestimate his talent at your peril. A gifted wordsmith, a charming storyteller and great rapport with the audience. We would like to see a full hour with CJ. Which in many ways is the point of this review.

We would like to see more of this, more of local artists, whether first timers or veterans, trying something out. It is a great platform for experimentation.

There was an excellent dance performance to ABBA by Katie Attewell and her dancers. Infact, it would have been good to see more of them and the same could be said for Linda Helm-Manley and her Jekyll and Hyde piece.

Fact is, this reviewer went away wanting to see more of each act.

Well done to Production Manager and Stage Manager, Eve-Marie Darby for producing such an excellent night.

We look forward to Twist in March.

Afterwards, we spoke to The Menopausal Mermaids.

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