Petition set up as A414 Edinburgh Way roadworks set to continue into summer

News / Tue 28th Jan 2020 am31 10:05am

ROADWORKS on the Edinburgh Way stretch of the A414 are now set to continue well into the summer of this year.

The roadworks were set to be completed in the autumn but the works have not been extended for a number of reasons.

The works stretch from the Gates Roundabout to the turning for Tescos however it has been a constant nightmare for residents, businesses and commuters.

The delays have frustrated one resident so much that he has set up a petition called “Getting Edinburgh Way road finished”.


Essex County Councillor for Harlow. Mike Hardware said: “Edinburgh Way was always going to be a long and complex project due to the utilities involved. It is a huge investment in Harlow and perhaps communications and updates from ECC could have been better.

“I have asked for a meeting with Cllr Kevin Bentley, the responsible cabinet member, and officers to get a full update on the project, which will be relayed to residents via you. I will let you know when that is going to happen.

A statement on their website states: “In December, drainage works were completed along the southern side of the scheme and work continued to excavate the box cut, completing 200m. A number of utility services were found within the box cut that required checking by third parties to establish whether they were live or dead.

“On Harlow Mill Roundabout, preparations were made for the installation for the grass guard and the ducting installation was completed.

“The scheme has been impacted by wet weather in November and December 2019 as well as issues with third party cable diversions. The revised anticipated completion date for the scheme is June 2020 (further details are included in the information below).

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10 Comments for Petition set up as A414 Edinburgh Way roadworks set to continue into summer:

2020-01-28 11:58:05

In the meantime other roads are being used as shortcuts and breaking the roads up, this country is a joke.

tony edwards
2020-01-28 14:04:37

In the late 1700's it took just three years to build 15 locks and make 14 miles of the river Stort navigable from Bishop's Stortford to the river Lee. In the 21st Century It has so far taken Essex County Council and it's contractors over three years to reconfigure a roundabout and dual half a mile of road.

2020-01-28 19:13:39

A bit rich, coming from you Tony Edwards. It's thanks to the Labour administrating party of Harlow which you are one of the councillors for,that roads and other infrastructures need up dating in this town,due to the Labour administration party of Harlow, converting former office block's into flats and buliding houses here in Harlow for residents from Labour administrated, London Boroughs, since your party took control back in 2012 Which has created a massive population increase here in Harlow. But as usual, it is someone elses faulty, according to you left with parties, especially the Labour party councillors,activists members and supporters. Harlow homes for Harlow residents. On the other hand. I hear so many people run Harlow down on a daily basis but still, those who are first to run Harlow down are the first to come to Harlow every day especially at the weekend, causing more congestion on the roads of this town.

2020-01-28 20:30:58

D.p.l You're wrong about the office blocks in Harlow that have been turned into housing. This had nothing to do with Harlow Council as the developers did not have to gain planning permission from the local authority. It was done under the government's Permitted Planning Rights so Harlow Council had no opportunity to stop these developments https://urbanistarchitecture.co.uk/how-to-convert-offices-into-homes-without-planning-permission/

2020-01-28 22:43:18

chinzaknuk .... the fact is, that whilst it was the Tory Government that brought in the legislation, many other Councils soon issued Article 4 Directions which meant that developers had to seek Planning Permission. Labours Harlow Council failed to do this until late last year, in the meantime hundreds of tiny homes have been created which are not mortgagable and so are used to house homeless families. This is why Harlow has the more such "homes" than any other town per population. The Harlow Alliance Party are the only Party to object to many of the proposals in the Local Plans of Harlow Council and others nearby (part of The Harlow and Gilston Garden Town proposals) that will see thousands of homes being built on the towns borders. Plans to help alleviate traffic problems include for example two river crossings (linking up with the works referred to in this article). If the time taken to do these works is anything to go by, it will be years before these crossings are completed (and chaos during the construction period), long after thousands of homes will be occupied and even more cars trying to use the roads.The housing proposals are all about housing greed, not housing need (ie those 4000 families on Harlow Councils Housing Register).

2020-01-28 23:48:08

I will be meeting with the cabinet member responsible for Highways, Cllr Kevin Bentley, over the next few weeks, together with other county councillors and Rob Halfon MP, to discuss Edinburgh Way and find out what is going on.

tony edwards
2020-01-29 00:02:24

Dan, Harlow Council were not responsible for converting offices and industrial premises into flats that was done under permitted development rights. In fact they have actively sought to point out the consequences of such development to central government and to discourage London authorities from placing homeless people in Harlow. My earlier point was that I find it difficult to understand why it has taken Essex County over three years so far and it is likely to take them another 5 months before the road widening scheme is completed.

2020-01-29 16:04:18

I heard that one of the major service mains had been incorrectly laid and that it has had to be redone. Could mehardware ask if there is any truth in this rumour?

2020-01-29 18:36:52

Is the aim of this project to dual the 414 to Eastwick as alluded to by Tenpin.

2020-01-30 00:25:13

Jarrett .... I can confirm that it is intended to create a new river crossing by creating a new road from the A414 at Gilston, crossing marsh type land and coming out onto the road leading to the civic amenity site and on to the roundabout by the Peugeot garage, hence why the road is being widened. Traffic looking to bypass the town will then go up to the roundabout by Mark Hall School to go on to the new junction 7a. Of course this means that it does not bypass the whole of Harlow hence all the concerns about the massive increase in traffic using the roads in that part of the town.

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