More staff required at Harlow Council to cope with growing “problem” of Houses of Multiple Occupations (HMOs)

News / Mon 3rd Feb 2020 am29 09:05am

A HARLOW councillor has revealed that extra staff have been recruited due to the increasing problems of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HM)s).

Portfolio holder for the environment, cllr Danny Purton made the comments at last weeks full council meeting.

He said: “All over the town, people are finding HMOs popping up all over the place.

“We have powers to deal with them. We needed more staff to implement these powers”.

A link to all the houses registered as Houses of Multiple Occupation (HM0)s) in Harlow is below.


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4 Comments for More staff required at Harlow Council to cope with growing “problem” of Houses of Multiple Occupations (HMOs):

2020-02-03 19:12:16

Stop building houses for residents from, Labour administrated London Boroughs then. Harlow homes for Harlow residents.

2020-02-03 20:56:34

Exactly how many houses have the council built for residents from Labour administrated London Boroughs? If you are referring to e.g. Terminus House, that is owned by Caridon Property, not Harlow Council. As for the HMOs, the HMO mandatory licence public register shows plenty of licence holders with a Harlow/Essex/West Herts address. If I understand correctly, these are Harlow homes owned by Harlow residents, being rented out to others? Not council built or owned properties.

2020-02-04 09:46:35

The Harlow Alliance Party welcome this initiative, the growing number of homes being occupied by more than one family which they were never designed to do often leads to problems in an area ..... more cars, more rubbish/bins, overcrowded homes, disturbances between families and sometimes landlords not carrying out works to make homes safe. Having sufficient staff to deal with such issues can only benefit those who live adjacent to or near such converted homes.

2020-02-04 10:17:02

Tenpin sums it up nicely, we have a rented property near us that is rented out for a ludicrous sum for what is an ex council terraced house but given the high rent it has at the moment 2 families in it but has in the past had various itinerant people staying, at varous times it would no doubt fall under the hmo laws and at others not but it is the greed of landlords that is a lot of the problem hence overcrowding and subletting.

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