Football: New chairman of Harlow Town is positive about the future

Football / Sun 16th Feb 2020 pm29 03:07pm

THE NEW chairman and vice-chairman of Harlow Town Football Club have spoken to their club’s TV channel of their hopes for the future.

New chairman, Chris Otway was very upbeat but he stressed that he wanted to get settled in and look at the lay of the land however he was optimistic enough to still believe the club could get promoted.

Chris Otway

Vice-chairman Paul Wilson was somewhat more cautious as he fielded questions on the financial challenges facing the club from playing budgets, boilers, competing with premier league clubs and being “stuck in a part of town with no public transport.

Mr Wilson said “The club also needs help from the town and when I say the town..it would be great if the (Harlow) council would get behind us a little bit more”.

YH did ask Mr Wilson to expand upon this but we have yet to receive a reply.

Paul Wilson

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2020-02-16 18:33:31

The Harlow Alliance Party are presently conducting a survey of residents (www.harlowallianceparty.org) which includes in the section Leisure, Sporting and Cultural Facilities the question "Do you feel that Harlow Council do enough to promote what is going on in the town". So far some 87% of respondents do not feel that they do. There are fantastic venues, events and groups within Harlow, evidenced by the event which took place at The Playhouse just a few days ago, which for many residents go unheard of. Harlow Council needs to do a lot more to get these in the news, rather than the town being thought of as just a dumping ground for homeless families from other areas.

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