Harlow parkrunners go above and beyond

Athletics / Sat 29th Feb 2020 at 04:17pm

IT SEEMED somewhat appropriate that on Saturday morning, the Harlow parkrun was taken over by members of Parkrunandbeyond.

It felt that the above and beyond bit was less the running and more the marshalling and administrating.

Parkrunandbeyond is run by experienced athletes, Adrian Fell and Sharon Wright.

From their base at Mark Hall Sports Centre on First Avenue, a whole range of joggers, runners and experienced athletes have praised this sessions.

Many of those who attend have highly recommended it.

Elite athlete Sharon Wright said: The sessions that Adrian and I take are the result of a lot of research into what works and what doesn’t, as well as taking training principles from other sports (for example resistance training) and applying them to trackwork. It wasn’t an overnight thing.

We’ve tried to produce something that people of all abilities can benefit from and know that when they’re heading to Mark Hall on a Monday or the track on a Wednesday night they’ll learn something new about running whether it be preparation/recovery, form, pace etc. The list is endless but overall they know it’ll be an enjoyable, focussed and driven workout.

We pay a lot of attention to detail as that’s what makes an effective coach versus just being a guy with a whistle. We’ve seen significant improvements in most of the runners who attend, some of whom have set dozens of PBs and we like to think at least a part of that is down to us. We have runners from 40min down to 17min 5km times and they all turn up week in week out saying it’s the best night of their week. As long as that keeps happening we think we’re on the right track.

We’d like to think that everyone that trains on these nights gets alot of enjoyment and satisfaction from them as much as we have over the years and develops a love for the sport too.

Sharon’s words have been echoed by veteran runner Martin Elven. Martin said: “Two things stand out for me. One is the corps d’esprit – irrespective of which club you run for, or your level of ability, there is still a team spirit about the group.

There’s a lot of banter, but ultimately everyone is there to train hard and improve.

“Secondly, is the attention to detail. Whether it be the warm up drills, or the technical advice, or the coaching and training plans, nothing is haphazard, everything is there for a reason”.

Runner Lee Wood has been running for less than a year but has really benefitted from ParkrunandBeyond. Lee told YH: “I have been running less than a year but in that time, I have gone from 30.11 for a parkrun in May 2019 to 18.38 last week.

“The parkrun and beyond session is my favourite of the week. I learn so much and get so much out of it”

There are two different sessions.. Monday is for novices, those who want a gentle start into running whilst Wednesday is an in-depth track session. You can test yourself but there are athletes running at different paces.

For more details, got to the website.


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