Covid-19: First shoppers through the doors at Tesco in Church Langley met by number of empty shelves

Covid-19 / Fri 20th Mar 2020 at 08:18am

WHEN the doors of Tesco in Church Langley, Harlow opened at just before 6am, some of the shelves had hardly any stock on them.

Very little milk, toilet rolls and items such as dishwasher tablets.

So it seems that people are not panic-buying them at 6am, certain goods are simply not there.

As you can see from our film, this reporter didn’t seem to think the queues were too bad. You get the feeling that most people will disagree. Maybe it was relative. Perhaps he was expecting a queue down to the petrol station.

One fellow shopper, who was just getting a few items said: “It shouldn’t be like this” Another customer, told us that they had just been to Smithfield market and said “It was rammed and they didn’t have any chicken”.

A number of there customers, were simply telling us ‘If you can’t beat them, join them”.

As we left, this reporter repeated the “not too bad” but as we sit here in front of the computer, we thought “Hold on, this is 6am on Friday March 20th. What is going on?

“We also felt for the staff at Tescos. It must be very stressful.”

But the question remans (one we will try to get an answer to) why are certain shelves more or less empty at opening time?

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4 Comments for Covid-19: First shoppers through the doors at Tesco in Church Langley met by number of empty shelves:

2020-03-20 11:06:16

What we need to know is when are the authorities going to do something about this? Is it time for official rationing? Unlike in China and Europe we can't seem to ration ourselves. So much for the 'we're all in it together' bulldog spirit. More like dog eat dog.

2020-03-20 21:05:08

The various supermarkets already have some form of rationing. Perhaps what is needed is a revaluation of who is the greater value to society? Is is the ex-commodity broker, shouty, in a tweed suit, or is it the person on a zero hours contract stocking shelves in a supermarket. Not so long ago there was stories published here about the new contracts that some ASDA workers were being forced to comply with. Un-paid breaks, forced "flexible" (read unknown/unreliable) hours. The typical comment posted here was "don't like it, work elsewhere". These same people who are on less fair contracts are now under greater stress and are now working harder than ever. The CEOs may get away with humming "we're in the money" while salivating over merger prospects, but are the CEOs filling shelves now? Are they roudingt up trollies in the car park? Are they paying them selves bonuses because sa

2020-03-20 21:07:20

Are they paying them selves bonuses because sales are up this quarter for some reason? Be nice to people.

2020-03-21 21:31:28

As a tesco worker I can say that now we hold stock back so customers during the day have something to buy not just the mindless morons who insist on clearing the shelves at 6 am

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