Harlow residents warned over coronavirus fraud warning

Coronavirus fraud warning

FRAUDSTERS are using the Coronavirus Pandemic to target elderly, vulnerable people already worried about their health and future.

The latest scam reported by Essex Police involves people impersonating Trading Standards Officers.

They appear to be targeting those who have already fallen victim to rogue traders, so these may be follow up attempts to obtain even more money from vulnerable customers.

Trading Standards Officers always carry identification and can be verified by calling the national consumer helpline on 03454 040506.

Beware of these scams
Elsewhere there are reports of:

Fraudsters posing as NHS doctors to gain entry to peoples’ homes
People offering to do shopping for those who cannot get out, and disappearing with the money
Emails claiming to be able to provide a list of coronavirus infected people in their area and when they click on a link it leads to a malicious website
Report to Action Fraud

An anti-fraud spokesperson said:

“At a time when our communities are pulling together to look out for our elderly population, these despicable people are preying on their anxieties.

Our advice is to be mindful of clicking on links in emails, paying for items online from companies you have not researched, and giving people money or your bank details if they knock on your door and offer to do some shopping on your behalf if you are unable to get out.

Also please remember if you receive an unsolicited phone call about your bank account just hang up and if the phone rings again do not answer it .

“If any of this has happened to you, please report to Action Fraud. If a suspect is at your address or you believe yourself to be at risk of harm, please dial 999”.

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