Review: The Last Gig in Town (for now)

“The Last Gig In Town, The Essex Skipper March 17th 2020.

By Joe Dunne

Last Tuesday had a bit of an ominous, apocalyptic feel about it but walking to the Skipper knowing the revelry already going on inside took the feelings of dread away.

This here was St Patrick’s Day, Harlow style. And by that I mean Paul and Jo with their inimitable charm bringing cheer and joy to the citizens of the town in the way only they can. With a bulging bounty of guest performances, including the highlight of the pictured Godfrey with his trademark, hauntingly beautiful tones bringing the house down, not a face in the place was left without a smile as wide as the Liffey.

Often it’s the subtle things about these gigs that go under the radar and make your day like the interplay between Paul and Jo, the nods and the winks and the hand-in-glove acoustic/electric/mandolin combination that’s so effective it turns the atmosphere in the place into somewhere you want to lay back into and never leave again.

With the references to Harlow (and Bush Fair in particular), this was a gig that was as much about the love of our town as it was about traditional Irish culture and music. Everyone can find something to hang their hat on here.

We may be cooped up for a while yet but this one will live long in the memory until we meet again for another Paul and Jo extravaganza at the Skipper. Boy will we have a party then…

Jodi Dunne”

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