Coronavirus: Harlow based GoGetters offering free delivery to elderly, disabled and vulnerable

Coronavirus: Harlow based GoGetters offering free delivery to elderly, disabled and vulnerable

A HARLOW-based on demand delivery company is offering free delivery for elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

Owen Barrow, co-founder of GoGetters, says the company is looking help out the community as best it can.

GoGetters are offering free delivery of food orders or prescriptions, usually valued between £3 – £5, twice a week for those in need of help, who are unable to source food and supplies for themselves.

Owen, who founded GoGetters aged 19, along with colleague Lee Nicolau says the company does not care about profit right now, and just wants to do its part to help the town and surrounding areas through the pandemic.

The 22-year-old said: ““Obviously that is the company taking a hit on income, but this is something that we want to do to really help out the community as best we can.”

GoGetters drivers, classed as key workers, have been equipped with protective gloves and perform all deliveries as ‘no contact drop offs’ with items delivered safely in line with the government’s “social distancing” guidance.

Owen added: “We have all got our own grandparents and it was just the thought of them having to be under lockdown for twelve weeks, it was that wakeup call that this was serious.

“There are people out there that don’t have friends or family who can support then. They’re completely on their own. If we have the ability to support them it would be silly not to help out. We don’t care about profit right now. This is a world epidemic.”

Harlow MP Robert Halfon, who has met with Owen and supports the initiative, said: “This is an extremely difficult time for our town. But, we will get through this. Harlow is a very special place, with extraordinary reserves of kindness and goodwill and that is exactly what Gogetters and so many others are demonstrating. Our community is pulling together and looking out for one another.

“I urge every resident to follow the latest advice. By doing so, we will get through this together.”

Owen is aware that not all elderly people have access to the internet, therefore for the first time in the businesses five-year existence, GoGetters – which usually operates online – has set up a direct hotline for people to call.

To set up an order call: 01279 799070

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