Happy 40th wedding anniversary to Paul and Jill Aylott

YH would like to wish a happy 40th wedding anniversary to Harlow residents, Paul and Jill Aylott.

They met at Latton Bush Comprehensive and married on March 29th, 1980.

They are two of Harlow’s most wonderful residents and huge family people. They embody everything that is right about family and friends.

They have had a big celebration planned but sadly, that has had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

So we thought we would send a few videos to them.

It is a happy anniversary from Jill’s mum Shirley and her brother Tony. Her daughter Jenny and grandchildren Evie and Ethan. Her son Joe, partner Tanja and son Riku.

They are also close family friends with the YH family so Grace Sadler had her children, Millie, Maddie, Charlie and Tommy wished a happy anniversary as well as Michael and Sally Casey.

Thank you to the husbands and partners for doing the camera work (Colin Adams and Ant Lane).

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