Keeping fit with DM Fitness: Hip-hinge movement

YH has asked Harlow personal trainer, Darren Martin to take our readers through a few basic drills.

Here is a description of today’s drill


This is a hip hinge movement. (imagine a door hinge). This movement is great for strengthening the hamstrings, glutes and lower back.

If you have lower back pain or stiffness, this exercise will help greatly.

Key points: The heels have to be firmly planted into the ground, as do the balls of the feet. Control the lowering phase, pause at the bottom and drive back up through the heels.

This will enhance the engagement of the hamstrings and particularly the gluteal muscles (bum). You need to picture in your mind that the hips are a door hinge. As this is the movement required, keep the stomach muscle tight through the exercise.

This will prevent undue stress on the lower back.

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