Covid-19: Is there any positive news in recent figures from PAH?

Covid-19 / Sun 19th Apr 2020 at 06:49pm

WHEN it comes to the daily statistics coming out of Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) it is hard to be optimistic.

Any optimism has to be respectful of the 155 people who have lost their lives and the grieving families and friends they have left behind.

It is frustrating that the government in this country cannot provide recovery rates.

We are grateful that the PAH press team have been able to provide stories of people who have recovered.

But for now we keep our eye on the daily figures and try and look for any positive signs.

There was a dreadful day last week when the death rate went up by 14. There has not been a day like it since.

Here are the figures over the last two weeks.

From March 18th to April 8th there had been 90 deaths.


The totals below are cumulative figures for the whole period since March 18th.

April 9th: 100 deaths
April 10th: 105 deaths
April 11th: 110 deaths
April 12th: 117 deaths
April 13th: 118 deaths
April 14th: 132 deaths
April 15th: 141 deaths
April 16th: 146 deaths
April 17th: 150 deaths
April 18th: 155 deaths.

As you can see, last week, there were jumps of 7,14 and 9. The last three days have seen 5,4 and 5.

We might be clutching at straws. Let us see and let us hope.

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