Harlow MP Robert Halfon responds to PM Boris Johnson’s “Stay Alert” speech

News / Sun 10th May 2020 pm31 07:42pm

WE asked Harlow MP Robert Halfon to respond to PM Boris Johnson’s statement to the nation on Sunday night.

Mr Halfon said: “Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said tonight that in terms of the Coronavirus, we are over the very worst and climbing down from the mountain peak – but coming down can be the hardest part.

For this reason, there are some relaxations of restrictions. We are still to stay at home, unless our work makes it impossible to do so. Workers in construction and manufacturing will return to work.

However, we will be able to leave our home for exercise and other essential activities more than once a day.

If it looks like that we continue to get a grip on this awful disease, some schools will open from June 1, starting with some years in Primary schools. Over the next days, weeks and months, more shops and businesses will be allowed to open. However, this could be reversed if progress in combating the Coronavirus takes a step backwards.

The crucial conditions for opening up again are that the infection rate lowers, we do not risk a second wave, the NHS is protected and there are the right levels of PPE, Testing and Tracing.

I give huge thanks to our NHS and care workers in Harlow, our teachers, police and fire officers, security employees, delivery drivers, postmen and postwomen, bin collectors, shop workers, local media and others, who have looked after us, informed us, protected us, delivered for us and ensured that we have had essential supplies. Our volunteers, faith communities and charities too have shown the best of our town – as they have done everything possible to protect the vulnerable. These workers and volunteers alike are true Harlow Corona heroes.

As your MP, I will continue to do all I can to help and inform Harlow and village residents. Further information will be made in a Statement to Parliament by the Prime Minister on Monday (tomorrow), together with the publication of a detailed document available online of the Gov.uk website.

If I am selected by the Speaker for a question, I hope to be asking about support for children when the schools return – something I have been continuously doing over the past few weeks in the House of Commons Education Committee, which I chair.

“I wish every Harlow resident all possible safety and good health. Thank you for all you have done thus far. Hopefully, we are at the beginning of the beginning of the end of this dreadful disease”.

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2020-05-11 10:58:15

If Robert Halfon cannot see how shambolic Bojo the Clown's speech last night was then God help us! The tories continues to try and pull the wool over people's eyes. They have absolutely no idea how to lead this country through this crisis which they are now going to make worse.

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