Bounce go before the planning committee

Planning / Mon 25th May 2020 at 05:08pm

A POPULAR fitness organisation has made a planning application in respect of their premises in Staple Tye.

Retrospective planning permission is sought for the change of use of Enterprise House from B8 (Storage and Distribution) to a Sui Generis use (Sports, Recreation, Warehousing and Beauty).

Two objections have been received from local businesses:

The objections are:

 Lack of parking facilities available.
 The main access to Calibration House is being blocked by vehicles associated with
Bounce customers and staff.
 Insufficient off-street parking to cater for the high number of Bounce visitors.
 The problem stems from timed activity sessions with visitors turning up at the same time.
 Visitors park along Perry Road which causes an obstruction to vehicles and pedestrians.
 Deliveries to employment units unable to be made due to associated vehicle parking.
 Parked cars cause pedestrian safety issues.
 Day nursery on Perry Road had to provide more off-street parking before a change of use
was granted.


35 letters of support have been received.

A summary of which is as follows:

 Benefit young and old.
 Created a local centre of community activities.
 Aiding and supporting health, fitness and wellbeing.
 Excellent facilities.
 Friendly and welcoming.
 Inclusive place.
 Caters for all ages and abilities.
 Positively impacting lives.
 No other convenient places.
 Committed to staying active due to convenient location.
 Improves mental health- self-esteem and happiness.
 No safety concerns with regards to access.
 Parking is ample, safe and accessible.
 Safe venue.
 Open after standard hours so not impacting business.
 Opening after standard hours creates a peaceful atmosphere.
 Gives the community a space to connect with each other.
 Well located.
 Child friendly.
 Safe and secure.
 Improved the purpose of the building.
 Regenerated an old building.
 Invested in Harlow.
 Created a unique space.

Th full application can be found here


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