BMAT apply for one year extension for Sir Frederick Gibberd College portable classrooms

News / Wed 27th May 2020 at 09:00am

AN APPLICATION has been made to extend planning permission for portable classrooms that house Sir Frederick Gibberd College students in the grounds of Burnt Mill Academy.

Students moved into the classrooms in September of last year. Construction work progressing at the new site of the old Passmores Academy school.

The application will be discussed at a meeting of the Harlow Council planning committee on Wednesday evening.

The application is for: Retention of modular classroom block to provide 4-classroom accommodation block for Sir Frederick Gibberd College, for an additional one academic year, granted a temporary planning permission with reference.

Two objections from local residents were received. Their reasons for objections can be summarised as follow:

 External lights affecting nearby properties in Altham Grove
 The building looks ugly
 There is no need to retain this temporary classroom as the new school at Passmores should be completed before the coming academic year
 Worries that this temporary classroom would become a permanent structure
 Suspected contaminated land (asbestos).

The full document can be found below.


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2 Comments for BMAT apply for one year extension for Sir Frederick Gibberd College portable classrooms:

2020-05-28 11:08:54

'Suspected' asbestos contaminated land? *Definitely* contaminated -the workers there told us ( neighbours whose gardens back onto the school) that's what it was when we asked them , a week after all work had suddenly ceased last summer for no apparent reason , why they were wearing hazmat suits and masks. Neither BMAT nor the contractors thought it was worthwhile informing us and we only got a response from the contractors after we told them we knew. BMAT never bothered to speak to the local community throughout the whole period after their initial promotional meeting to 'sell' us the idea. We asked the workers why if they were wearing hazmat nobody has got it touch with us and they said it was 'because they were there every day' - it perhaps hadn't occurred to them that both neighbours and school students would be there a lot longer than them. Here are three images taken that week

2020-05-28 11:09:26

http://www.iamspartacus.org.uk/asbestos/IMG_3418.jpeg http://www.iamspartacus.org.uk/asbestos/IMG_3419.jpeg http://www.iamspartacus.org.uk/asbestos/IMG_3421.jpeg

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