The Three Horseshoes pub to remain closed despite lockdown lift

Business / Tue 23rd Jun 2020 at 07:03pm

A HARLOW pub has told locals that they will not be opening on July 4th, despite the prime minister announcing that the lockdown could be lifted.

The Three Horseshoes pub its situated on Three Horseshoes Road in Harlow.

The statement on their website stated:

The following is an update of the meeting I have had this morning with Star Pubs and Bars BDM and the announcement just now by Boris Johnson.

It is with regret that we will not be opening on July 4th 2020 after the go ahead has been given by our government for all pubs and bars to open.

Some of the reasons are as listed.

Only table service is granted
There is no vertical drinking allowed.
Staff is limited to one working the bar at all times.
Names and numbers of EVERY customer to be taken.
Only one person to use the toilets at any one time.
Toilets to be deep cleaned every 30 minutes
Bar to be deep cleaned before next person works.
No friends in large groups allowed to sit together.
Only six people from two households at one table allowed.
No children

The list is endless and this is only what was discussed today.

We would have to increase the number of staff working yet have been told to reduce members.

If someone came in and then tested positive to Covid unfortunately everyone has to self isolate for two weeks. Which means further deep cleaning and closures!

My work colleagues health is of the utmost importance to me as is that of my customers so I feel that waiting a little bit longer is the best for everyone in this situation.

I know this will be a disappointment to some of you but please remember we are not all prepared to be guinea pigs in this situation.

I hope you understand

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1 Comment for The Three Horseshoes pub to remain closed despite lockdown lift:

2020-06-25 13:25:24

It should open and not follow the guidelines, that is all they are guidelines not laws

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