SFG College: School councillors have not let lockdown get in the way of their mission.

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 15th Jul 2020 at 07:20am

School councillors have not let lockdown get in the way of their mission.

THE school council at Sir Frederick Gibberd College, in Harlow, met online for their final meeting of the school year.

The Gibberd Council has put together an action plan for September, listing the ways they want to develop the one-year-old school further.

Headteacher Dee Conlon said: “They have told us how they feel the first year of Sir Frederick Gibberd College has gone, what they like, what they want to work on, their favourite and least favourite parts of the school.

“The councillors act as the voice of their peers. They know best the views of the children of Sir Frederick Gibberd College.

“We have worked together to create a plan for September.”

Students have asked to know more about what Year 8 will look like for them, for more enrichment activities and to spend more time with their teachers as they have missed them in lockdown.

Mrs Conlon said: “This was an opportunity for me to get their point of view, to find out what it has been like for them and how they feel it is going. I wanted to know what they had enjoyed, so we can continue with it next year.

“It is their school, so they should have a voice. They tell the truth, but in a very mature and sensible manner. I do not promise them they will get everything they want, but it is giving them the opportunity to express their views.

“This is democracy in action. They need to see from leaders that they are being listened to. If we do not listen to what our children tell us now, they will not learn that their opinions matter. As a result, they will not speak when it matters later on in life.

“We want our children to be active citizens. We want them to know that they have a voice and that they can, in fact they must, use it. Our children will grow up to be active citizens and that is exactly what they are doing at school; being active in their immediate community.”

Gibberd Council members, who were elected in September after campaigning for a week, have served a whole year.

They have actively represented the student body and visited the Houses of Parliament to learn more about the work of an MP, so they could understand their role better.

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