Mystery remains as armed police descend on street in Katherines

Crime / Wed 29th Jul 2020 at 10:14am

Update: 1800 hrs

Essex Police have told YH that they cannot find any evidence of this incident in their logs.

One resident has sent YH photographs of what appears to be armed officer at the scene.

Another resident told us that a female was led away in handcuffs.


ON MONDAY afternoon, a larger number of police cars descended upon a street in Katherines.

The cars parked in Heighams and appeared to be attending an incident in that street or the one next along, Sheppards.

Residents contacted YH. A YH reporter attended. On their way to the job, four police cars passed by, driving away from the scene, up Southern Way.

When the reporter attended the scene, only two cars were present (see photo for details).

The reporter gave Essex Police Press Office the time, date and location.

After two days of searching their computers, Essex Police Press Office cannot find any trace of the job.

This is not the first time that this has happened. By co-incidence, a couple of years ago, the main road at Katherines was blocked off with an ambulance in attendance and police at the scene. YH attended, we asked press office for details. No knowledge.

The job was eventually found. An alleged incident in Red Willow (street nearby).

But it does seem odd that unless you give the exact co-ordinates of where the incident first took place then, in 2020, Essex Police say “computer says no”.

There are many more we could reference. As one cop said to us recently, guarding a scene at a cycle track in Harlow, which again, they couldn’t find on the computer, “Yeah, our computer system is s**t”.

Just to let you know, folks. You paid for this system.

To be fair, there are many occasions when we give a location (and as you know that’s a lot) and we get the information quickly.

However, we do feel concerned that this may be part of a bigger problem, a bigger communication breakdown.

We also just wanted you to know, that we do try, we do turn up to crime scenes and do try and provide as much information as we can.

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