MP Robert Halfon has meeting with police chief over unlawful party in Nicholls Field

News / Mon 24th Aug 2020 pm31 04:07pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has spoken to the police officer in charge of Harlow over their handling of an unlawful party over the weekend.

Mr Halfon said: “I have, this morning, spoken to Harlow’s Chief Inspector about the incident that occurred in Nicholls Field this weekend. I raised concerns on behalf of residents that police officers did not attend in order to close it down.

“Chief Inspector Ross apologised for the fact that the police did not send officers and explained that this was due to a misunderstanding in the control room. She also reassured me that there is a wider operational plan in place to deal with these incidents and that the police are stepping up their work to prevent these events from occurring.

“The Chief Inspector has encouraged any concerned resident to contact either Harlow Police or myself and she will ensure that their questions are answered. I will continue to work hard to ensure that all residents in our community feel safe and that any disturbance of this kind is dealt with immediately.”

You can see the stories that refer to this incident on www.yourharlow.com

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2 Comments for MP Robert Halfon has meeting with police chief over unlawful party in Nicholls Field:

2020-08-25 07:44:34

"the chief inspector apologised": What for? She has nothing to apologise for because having a lack of officers is not her fault and decisions about it go way above her pay grade. As Mr. Halfon told me at the December hustings the problem is the illusory note left in the Treasury some ten years ago about no money. It is apparently the reason for a cut in police officers in general and Harlow in particular. And if you believe that BS then you have to accept that not all incidents of this nature will be dealt with in a timely manner while the rest of us know that policing will not recover until actual money is invested in the criminal justice system.

2020-08-25 20:33:21

"the illusory note left in the Treasury some ten years ago about no money" That would be the infamous note saying that "there's no money" left as an obvious joke by Liam Byrne. Did RH mention that the note was repeat of the 1965 note left by the Tory Chancellor Reginald Maudling for his successor Jim Callaghan that said "good luck old cock, sorry to leave it in a mess"? If the reason for a cut in police officers is a joke note left by a fool like Liam Byrne then that says something about the conservatives economic analysis that still continues today. After remembering the joke note (again), did RH also remember George Osborne promising not to raise VAT, then raising it just 2 months later? Or David Cameron promising "no more top-down reorganisations of the NHS", then doing exactly that? Or George Osborne predicting "austerity" would have completely eliminated the deficit by 2015, and completely failing to do so 4 years after that date? The lack of police officers has nothing to do with a joke note left 10 years ago, and has more to do with 10 years of broken promises and incompetence.

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