Police officers seize thousands of pounds worth of equipment from planned unlicensed music event

Crime / Sat 29th Aug 2020 at 05:16pm

POLICE Officers have seized thousands of pounds’ worth of equipment from an unlicensed music event which was due to take place in Harlow this afternoon.

A dispersal order remains in place in the area.

Chief Inspector Lewis Basford said of the seizure: “I want anyone who is planning to go to one of these events to think again.

“It’s early in the evening and we’ve already successfully shut down one event, seized the equipment, and will be looking to identify the organiser and take them to court.

“Our specially-trained public order officers will be working tirelessly to shut down any similar events in the county. Not only do these large-scale events carry the risk of spreading COVID-19, but we know that they’re often frequented by people who look to cause trouble for the sake of it, which will ruin the good time of anyone there.  

“My final message is to the organisers: we will seize the equipment – I don’t care if you’ve hired it from someone or if it’s yours, we will break up your event, and we can now fine you up to £10,000. Ask yourself, is it worth the risk?”

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1 Comment for Police officers seize thousands of pounds worth of equipment from planned unlicensed music event:

2020-09-02 16:46:49

Finally Essex police decide to act on these illegal gatherings. This after exhausting all excuses not to do so. These include, "we were attending higher priority calls"," there was a mistake in the control room" and my firm favorite "it's the councils problem not ours". I did note that this incident took place before the event that's great news not just for society but for Essex police after all it saves having to deal with people who are actually breaking the law.

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