The Chequers: Harlow health boss details plans to combat “continued breaches of Covid-19 regulations”

THE HARLOW councillor in charge of public health has issued a statement regarding alleged breaches of Covid-19 guidance at The Chequers public house in Old Harlow.

Cllr Danny Purton said: “Harlow Council is extremely concerned at the activities taking place at The Chequers public house since it re-opened.

“Whilst most places have made strenuous efforts to comply..this has not been the case with The Chequers.

“Continuing breaches have occurred leading to two warning letters..I am also concerned at reports of violent incidents around the premises.”

“This week the council have submitted an enforcement notice in relation to a planning breach regarding a large structure in the garden of The Chequers.

“We hope to announce that necessary action is to be taken to address continued breaches and its impact and threat on town and possible resurgence of Covid-19 in town”.

The full statement can be seen in the film below from the 2.45 point.

The meeting took place on Thursday night. Residents have made further complaints that loud music was played at The Chequers on Sunday night.

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