Bounce set to leap back in front of the planning committee

A PLANNING application by a popular trampoline fitness company is set to return to the Harlow Council planning committee.

Bounce are seeking what is called “retrospective” planning permission for a change of use of Enterprise House on Perry Road near Staple Tye to change one area from Storage and Distribution to Sports, Recreation, Warehousing and Beauty.

The Development Management Committee resolved to defer the application on 27 May 2020 to address parking and highway safety issues. The following amendments have subsequently been made to the proposal:

  • Additional car parking has been secured resulting in 16 standard car parking spaces and 1 disabled car parking space. The additional spaces belonged to the unit but had not previously been purchased from the landlord by the applicant.
  • Studio ((B)), the beauty room and the mezzanine floor are now used for storage purposes.
  •  The application seeks permission to open during the mornings on Monday (9.30am- 12am), Wednesday (9.30am-11am), Thursday (9.30am-11am) and Friday (9.30am- 11am) with the remainder of classes to be held in the evenings and on weekends.

Two objections have been received from local businesses:

  •   Lack of parking facilities available.
  •   The main access to Calibration House is being blocked by vehicles associated withBounce customers and staff.
  •   Insufficient off-street parking to cater for the high number of Bounce visitors.
  •   The problem stems from timed activity sessions with visitors turning up at the same time.
  •   Visitors park along Perry Road which causes an obstruction to vehicles and pedestrians.
  •   Deliveries to employment units unable to be made due to associated vehicle parking.
  •   Parked cars cause pedestrian safety issues.
  •   Day nursery on Perry Road had to provide more off-street parking before a change of usewas granted.
  • 35 letters of support have been received. A summary of which is as follows:

  •   Benefit young and old.
  •   Created a local centre of community activities.
  •   Aiding and supporting health, fitness and wellbeing.
  •   Excellent facilities.
  •   Friendly and welcoming.
  •   Inclusive place.
  •   Caters for all ages and abilities.
  •   Positively impacting lives.
  •   No other convenient places.
  •   Committed to staying active due to convenient location.
  •   Improves mental health- self-esteem and happiness.
  •   No safety concerns with regards to access.
  •   Parking is ample, safe and accessible.
  •   Safe venue.
  •   Open after standard hours so not impacting business.
  •   Opening after standard hours creates a peaceful atmosphere.
  •   Gives the community a space to connect with each other.
  •   Well located.
  •   Child friendly.
  •   Safe and secure.
  •   Improved the purpose of the building.
  •   Regenerated an old building.
  •   Invested in Harlow.
  •   Created a unique space.

The application will be heard on Wednesday September 30th (7.30pm) via the Harlow Council YouTube channel.

Full details of application are below.

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