Quicker process to renew Blue Badges

News / Fri 25th Sep 2020 am30 06:45am

ESSEX County Council (ECC) has launched a new, quicker process for residents to renew Blue Badges that are due to expire.

The new online system will take residents less than 15 minutes to complete, compared to nearer 60 minutes previously.

Applicants can use the online renewal process if their previous badge was awarded based on one of the automatic eligibility entitlements which still applies, or if when it was awarded it was decided no further assessment would be required. 

The online system, which can be found at www.essex.gov.uk/renew-a-blue-badge will advise applicants if it can be used to renew their badge, or if a full application will be required.

Cabinet Member for Customer, Communities, Culture and Corporate, Cllr Susan Barker said: “We are always looking to make interactions with the Council easier for our residents, this is another way which will help.

“The new online process is much quicker than before and will make renewing a Blue Badge a much smoother experience.”

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1 Comment for Quicker process to renew Blue Badges:

Marie Collins
2020-09-28 10:27:23

I really feel that there should be some kind of system which allows temporary blue badges. I had bad accident in February,which resulted in operation and cast from toe to top of leg,,which resulted in me not being able to drive or get out on my own , In Beginning of July I had to have the leg operated on again,I now have full leg brace on and am in wheelchair which I have been in since July.therefore since February I have not been able to walk,leaving me having to rely on my family to take me out in wheelchair,and without disabled badge is very hard to get me out of car owing to spaces left by other cars parking too close . Also for years I have suffered with back pain caused by arthritis and degenerate discs.. Please could I have a reply to this comment.

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