Harlow’s Ripped Gym owner pledges to defy lockdown

Health / Thu 5th Nov 2020 at 10:56am

Update: 1130 hrs

Essex Police are now standing guard outside Ripped Gym.

They are guarding all entrances and exits.

YH understands that the owner has been arrested but this has not been confirmed.

We have contacted Essex Police for more details.

THE OWNER of a Harlow gym has pledged to defy the authorities over the November lockdown.

Michelle (she would only give her first name) has refused to look the doors of her Wych Elm based gym.

As you can see from the interview, Michelle was completely behind the lockdown in March, even though it meant the local business she had been running for over fourteen years was closed for over four months.

For Michelle, her employees and gym users, this has become a lockdown too far.

With the authorities looming, we spoke to on Thursday morning.

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4 Comments for Harlow’s Ripped Gym owner pledges to defy lockdown:

Paul Jacobson
2020-11-05 12:38:02

The Police are at RippedGym this morning, it looks like at least 30 people are being held opposite and they seem to have been there a whole, I should imagine that Michelle is now regretting her comment about refusing to close during the lock down.

Jason Pegram
2020-11-05 13:33:33

Fair play to you standing up for what you believe & trying to keep your business going no matter what, Kids all at school all the universities open & they then went and offered people half price meals in pubs which banged them out (yet us business owners have to close yet again) utter madness.... were being mugged

2020-11-05 16:19:21

"We really struggled in March" but "I am willing to be fined or lose my business". This woman is a blithering idiot!

2020-11-05 22:53:08

She is an idiot, deserves to be arrested and given a hefty fine!

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