William Martin Schools and Nursery showcases new, innovative curriculum with Virtual Open Day

News / Fri 27th Nov 2020 at 10:17am

WILLIAM Martin Schools & Nursery, on Tawneys Road welcomes parents to visit their virtual open day, to give them a glimpse of the exciting curriculum being taught within.

Parents can watch the video on https://williammartinschools.org.uk/.

William Martin Nursery has full time and part time spaces and admissions for 2021 Reception classes are now open. If you would like to join the Early Years Team’s

Open Day and found out more about our Nursery and Reception classes go to https://williammartinschools.org.uk/curriculum-and-classes/early-years/

Claire Kearney, Head of Schools explains in the tour “At William Martin Schools we truly believe that in order for our pupils to have ‘life in all its fullness’, we have created a new, rich curriculum which exposes our children to a wealth of experiences, knowledge and skills. We aim to nurture their independence and curiosity whilst giving them the basic skills needed in life, to empower them to achieve as life-long learners.”

This new inspirational curriculum, developed with St James’ CofE Primary School, Paringdon Road, is based on Jonathon Lear’s innovative concepts driven approach, which has transformed the way children learn. More information on Jonathon Lear can be found on https://www.independentthinking.co.uk/associates/jonathan-lear/.

All topics are planned with this approach where teachers make links with concepts such as power, adversity, sustainability and loyalty, whilst fostering an enquiring approach to life, where children think carefully about ‘Big Questions’ and ask questions of their own.

Mrs Kearney further describes how the children’s learning is organised into terms: the Autumn term is our ‘explore’ theme where children become experts in geography and DT – such as making exploding volcanoes and mountains contour lines, studying in depth the chocolate making industry, exploring the suspension in vehicles; the Spring is ‘Discover’ where our pupils become historians and the Summer is ‘Create’ where we bring all the arts to life. This gives the pupils more opportunities to study the areas in greater depth. Throughout all topics the ABC approach will ensure skills are continuously developed: active learning, basic skills and creative thinking

“We embrace everyone’s differences and celebrate their achievements on their way to realising their potential. We engage our pupils through a range of exciting visitors to school and trips out.”

Gina Bailey, Executive Headteacher said “I am delighted to share the excellent work going on in William Martin Schools and Nursery with the Harlow Community, and we hope to have the privilege of starting your child’s school journey at our schools”

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