Blogpost: Strawberry Star development in Harlow will be an asset to the town

News / Tue 1st Dec 2020 at 10:13am

STRAWBERRY Star will be bringing forward major redevelopment plans for the town centre.


We asked Craig Armstrong, an associate of David Lee Estate Agents, covering Harlow, to give us his opinion on the development.

Craig said:

  • Strawberry Star are not only looking to add residential units, they’re looking at improving commercial units in this area of the town that would include restaurants, bars and cafes which will give the town centre a trendier feel and attract visitors from outside the town.
  • By doing this it will help encourage more spending within town centre at the range of other retail and food outlets which will in turn should provide a boot to the local economy here and as a result should increase the number of jobs available for local people.
  • They also plan to add some office space within each block which will help with the accommodation mix in the area and could attract a range of other businesses.
  • As well as the commercial and residential units they are looking to redevelop and improve the outside communal areas including creating more green space locally which will again benefit the whole of the Harlow community.
  • Over 800 new residential units are planned providing much needed housing for the local community they are also looking to be able to provide nearly 400 parking spaces for the residents.
  • They are looking to improve the public transport routes through the town centre in all directions as well as improve the existing cycle routes.
  • I’ve lived in Harlow for nearly 40 years and I’ve seen the town centre go from having a thriving marketplace to seeing the Market Square end of the town being completely empty every day of the week and feel the plans that Strawberry Star have in place will help to restore the Town Centre not only aesthetically but also economically to its former glory.
  • The re-development has taken into consideration the original plans for Harlow created by renowned town planner Sir Frederick Gibberd.
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