November was a record breaking month for Your Harlow

News / Tue 1st Dec 2020 at 08:59am

NOVEMBER was another record breaking month for Your Harlow.

We had a total of 613,879 page views, beating the previous record audience of March 2020 when we had 531,000 page views.

We published 381 stories in November and a total of 3985 in 2020 to date, so we should pass 4,000 stories for the year in a couple of days time.

Thank you for looking in.

Our philosophy is that every day is a blank canvas. We hope, by the end of each and every day to have painted some form of picture of how Harlow was and is on that given day.

It is particularly important in 2020. This is the first draft of history and we would like to think that, in a hundred years time, our stories may be of some use.

But we are one journalist in partnership with 80,000 people, so again, thanks for all your help.

Michael Casey: Dec 1st, 2020

Page Views: 2020

Jan: 362k

Feb: 394k

March: 505k

April: 510k

May: 531k

June: 495k

July: 396k

Aug: 379k

Sept: 460k

Oct: 492k

Nov: 613k

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