Harlow MP Robert Halfon marks one year since election victory

News / Sat 12th Dec 2020 at 11:00am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has issued a statement, one year on since his victory in the General Election of 2019.

The Conservative MP won by a majority of 14,063.

Mr Halfon said:

“Today marks one year from the historic 2019 election and one year since residents placed their faith in me again to represent our community. It has certainly not been the year I had expected, but despite coronavirus, I have been working hard to deliver on my pledges and here’s a snapshot of how I’ve been doing it:

Strengthen our NHS:

Work on the new hospital is underway – Prime Minister has confirmed the funding for a brand new, state-of-the-art hospital. 170 more nurses working at PAH in the last year. 53 more doctors working at PAH in the last year

£400,000 upgrade for PAH’s A&E ahead of the winter.

Voted to enshrine the biggest cash boost for the NHS in its history

Get Brexit Done:

Left the EU on 31 January. Voted for and delivered our new points-based immigration system.

Voted for all legislation to ensure that we take back control including the Fisheries Bill, Environment Bill and Immigration Bill

Build an even better Harlow:

Construction work on the brand new Junction 7a is underwayUp to £25m to regenerate the town centre/Bush Fair/The Stow – with £1m already to kickstart

£200,000 to resurface cycle tracks.

Edinburgh Way finished. £6m from the “Getting Building Fund” creating 1,600 new jobs.

£1m from the “Getting Building Fund” to redevelop the town library into a new skills hub.

£3.5m from the “Getting Building Fund” to create hundreds of new jobs at the Science Park.

£50m Harlow investment fund to come forward to regenerate the town centre.

£870,000 to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping

Champion Education and Apprenticeships:

More money for every school and child (per-pupil funding).

Major building upgrades for seven Harlow schools

£2.5m to remodel Harlow College

An apprenticeship guarantee for every young person

A lifetime skills guarantee for every adult without A-levels

Pay rise for teachers (starting salary now £30,000)

£1 billion catch-up fund

A new SEND school coming to Harlow

Make our streets safer:

TWENTY more police officers in Harlow.

Voted to give police more powers and support a police covenant.

Support the white paper on sentencing to ensure that criminals get the sentence they deservE.

Voted to end the automatic release of terrorists and violent criminals.

Bolstered the dedicated town centre police team with more officers

Voted for the biggest investment into the Police Force for a decade

Cut the cost of living:

Secured the 10th year of the fuel duty freeze – saving the average driver £10 every time they fill up.

Voted to increase National Insurance threshold to £9,500

Elected on a tax guarantee – not to raise income tax, national insurance or VAT.

Biggest ever increase to the National Living Wage (£1,000 pay rise this year)

Coronavirus Support:

Well over £160m in support for Harlow.

16,000 Harlow jobs protected by the furlough scheme

5,000 Harlow self-employed residents supported by the self-employed scheme

Every single rough sleeper moved into accommodation

It has been the honour of my life to be your member of Parliament. I will continue to work hard for Harlow and the villages and ensure that 2021 is a much brighter one for our community.

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