Letter to Editor: Lack of information about Junction 7a

News / Sun 13th Dec 2020 at 02:23pm

Dear Cllrs, Harlow and Essex Councils,

“Your Harlow ” our online news source today published news about the progress of the above development. Thanks to Your Harlow.

The photos and mockups artists impressions were fairly clear but the map was of such poor resolution that it’s not possible to really see important detail, detail that is important for us residents and local organisations.

I’ve followed the progress of this project since it first came into the public domain and getting clear information in a format that isn’t bound up in planning jargon or documents hasn’t been easy.

Even the links in the article about link roads lead to an odd page about on site cookies and copyright.

For a project of such magnitude that will have such a large impact on the town and community there’s very little information on public view in places where the public might naturally be.

The online maps are poor resolution so poor that wording cannot be read and in formats that don’t allow magnification. Such maps probably do exist but aren’t easily accessible.

My point is that such information should be out on display with permanent exhibitions and large displays at supermarket entrances, community centres, the bus and train stations, in estate agents, house sales centres within the new developments, at the town hall and on leaflets plus there needs to be a dedicated website.

The whole development has been characterized poor community and readily available public information, so much so that it amounts to a lack of transparency and poor communication to Joe Public: the short term exhibitions weren’t enough and too short term.

Considering the cost to the public purse and the millions of pounds spent the public have been poorly served. We think it time that both local and district officials and councils step up and vastly improve the quality and accessibility and transparency of information.

Personally I think the scheme has already been made out of date and was ill conconceived, it’s not green, will increase congestion and even part 2B is ever enacted it won’t solve the problems.

There’s a lack of vision and scope, no account has been made of the impact of additional housing, particularly that of Harlow North nor of the expanding business parks, nor of the coming of Public Health England.

However, the proof of the pudding will come : we’ll then know whether to praise or condemn.

Meantime can the Councillors ensure the Councils get the information out in ways as suggested please.

Residents need to know as do those considering moving into the town.
Kind regards

Edward Vine

Secretary South East Harlow Sports & Youth Association

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3 Comments for Letter to Editor: Lack of information about Junction 7a:

2020-12-13 22:41:00

There is a dedicated web site: https://www.essexhighways.org/highway-schemes-and-developments/highway-schemes/m11-junction-7a.aspx There is a link to register for email updates. There is also an email address for any queries. The maps in the PowerPoint presentations are slightly better than what is on the main page, and do allow zooming up to a point. They could be better.

2020-12-14 14:20:16

Well said Edward I completely agree with your comments it’s just a shame that we won’t be able to hold those who voted for this debacle accountable when it all goes wrong.

2020-12-18 17:49:32

Latest newsletter from the contractors is available here: https://group.graham.co.uk/grahamgrouplz/lz.aspx?p1=MWtDU1MDMyUzE3OjA1NzA5NDU3MEUwQkU2Rjg5NEMzMURCNTEwNzMwNkIy-&w=399

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