Athletics: Harlow’s Roy is a class act

Athletics / Sun 27th Dec 2020 at 12:16pm

AS part of the Harlow Running Club profiles we have been running, we were delighted to be sent tone for Roy Steven.

These days, many will know Roy for his place in the Harlow parkrun. Roy’s corner is just before you go down into the Howard Way underpass (and then back again) so you have the pleasure of seeing Roy, four times in total.

More importantly, Roy is so encouraging to every single park runner.

As you will read here, Roy was once a class act on the track and he is still a class act off it.

Roy Stevens

“I joined Harlow Running Club in 2003 as second claim and then in 2004 I became a full member.

“I started running in 1968,it all started one day when I was on my way to London with my mum and dad, their car ran out of petrol. I ran to a petrol station with dad. He was a very good runner and member of Shaftesbury Harriers.

I had never had much interest in running, preferring swimming and football. To both our surprise I kept up with dad, so he entered me in a race and to my astonishment I won it.

I stayed with Shaftesbury for about 20 years and did well with good coaching from Brian Smyth who also coached the brilliant runner Joyce Smyth.

Unfortunately, two years later, my running came to a sudden stop with a very bad injury.

I struggled to get back into running and luckily joined Harlow Running Club.

My proudest sporting achievement was being picked to represent the South of England when I finished 4thout of a 1000 runners in the GLC championship.

I was also proud to represent Middlesex in the intercounties.

There is not much I can be proud of during Covid due to a constant injury. All I can do now is coach.

A fun fact is that some years ago I wanted to make our last coaching session before Christmas a bit of fun and had the idea of our Christmas crazy fun evening of mad activities which still seems to be enjoyed but unfortunately won’t be able to happen this year but hopefully next year.

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2 Comments for Athletics: Harlow’s Roy is a class act:

2020-12-27 17:35:14

Nice article, very proud of my brother. The surname is 'Steven', there is no 's' on the end.

2020-12-28 12:30:05

Roy sustained the vast majority of his Injuries whenever Holidaying on the Isle of Wight!

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