Review: 3 Girls 1 Pod

News / Sun 27th Dec 2020 at 08:43am

Review: 3 Girls 1 Pod

By Philippa Kelly

OF all the once-common things we’ve learned to live without during the last nine months, tea (read: wine) with the girls, has certainly been one of my most missed. There is a special combination of gossip and group therapy that can only be found in these moments, and this is perhaps what makes 3 Girls 1 Pod such a comforting listen.

Tired of searching externally for validation and happiness, May (26), Kirstie (29) and Susie (36), all from Harlow, decided to confront their issues in a very 2020 way – by starting a podcast. Each of these women is in a different phase of their life, and each has unique lived experiences, but are all faced with the same familiar problem; what now? 

Across eight instalments, the girls present accessible, preach-free looks at veganism and feminism, lament the frustrations of airport security and discuss what each of them would do if they were a man for a day. Spoiler alert: there are no suitable for work answers to the last one. They move smoothly from discussions of the more unusual areas of the body to bleach, to the importance of self-care and body positivity. While exploring the ups and downs of therapy and divorce and debating the impact of social media on our mental health, May, Kirstie and Susie maintain a soothingly homely feel. There’s a reassuring familiarity in conversation that covers both the frustration of wage inequality and the pure joy of a late night Maccys at Liverpool Street.

The refreshing warmth and openness of 3 Girls 1 Pod really makes you feel May, Kirstie and Susie have offered you a seat at their kitchen table, grabbed you a drink and plied you with biscuits. If you’re craving a chance to put the world to rights with the girls, 3 Girls 1 Pod may not be quite as good as the real thing, but I think it comes pretty darn close.

3 Girls 1 Pod is currently taking a break until January, but you can catch up on all their episodes so far via Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

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