Little Parndon pupils look under the bonnet

Education: Primary / Tue 29th Dec 2020 at 07:27am

IT may be more than ten years until they hit the road, but these youngsters are already clued-up on running a car.

Pupils in Early Years at Little Parndon Primary Academy, in Harlow, got to explore their teachers’ cars as part of their life skills lessons.

They looked under the bonnet and talked about what the engine does, filled the water reservoir for the windscreen wipers, checked the oil with the dipstick and talked about what the different parts of the car are for.

They also labelled the different parts of the car and shared their existing knowledge.

Steph Galliers, assistant headteacher, said: “This work was to develop children’s life experiences and skills and support road safety. 

“We explained in very simple terms how a car works, simple car maintenance, what its safety features are, what to look out for when cars are near us to keep us safe and the importance of clear vision for the driver.

“Being able to move away from the usual classroom routines has a huge impact on children’s engagement and enthusiasm for learning. We want to give all our children rich experiences that engage their interests, give them opportunities to share their knowledge and prior experiences, stimulate their language development and, of course, enjoy so much that they will want to talk about it with their friends and their families endlessly!  

“Having the chance to develop life skills is so important and we want our children to develop interests that will support them into adulthood.”
The school also has a garage workshop roleplay area to stimulate role play and subject specific vocabulary.

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